Monday, April 23, 2012

Catching up on Easter

So...I guess I need to pick up the thread back at Easter.  Because we had some wonderful times, and they MUST be documented and shared!  OK, so Easter weekend started with attendance at the Qualls Annual Easter Egg Hunt & Picnic.  The excitement began with a scavenger hunt.  My mom is helping the girls interpret some items on the list.

The girls also consulted with Mr. Qualls

OK, I LOVE this picture.  The girls are running down the drive to check out the address at the end.  See how their feet are in sync?  Once in a while, my little point and shoot gets it right.

The search is on!  The Egg Hunt covers a huge area--so many places to hide treasures!

The girls visit Mrs. Qualls to "cash in" some notes they found for some non-candy prizes

What a fun event! 

It inspires me to think about our own family traditions. I think to some extent, we have not established many rituals of our own because we enjoy seeing and participating in what other people do. But I think we should be a little more creative, and maybe a little more grounded ourselves.

That sounds like work to me.  Maybe I'll go back to Plan A!

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