Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Snow Day

My mom has a saying...when her daffodils are in full bloom, that's when the snow finally comes, crushing the flowers into flat yellow blobs in her yard. Sure enough, her adage holds true this year. Fortunately, the major snow came on a Saturday night, so we had all Sunday to play...and plenty of clean-up to do!

Um...yes. You may notice that there is a small puppy in the picture. We are weak.

The kids make a snowman.

"Handsome Bob" in all his bristle-headed, armless, toothy glory.

Abigail catching snowflakes.

Mae offers me a snow waffle. But I know came off my boot.

Our little teeny sledding hill. But the snow was heavy and wet, so not much good for sledding.

Did I mention the snow was heavy and wet? The trees thought so too. This giant oak took out ten sections of fence. Poor Mark. He had to go out and buy a chainsaw.

The tree fell across my parents' driveway. We hope to have much of it cleaned up before they RETURN FROM HAWAII.

And take Mark and I out to dinner ;-)

A large branch also fell across Burrough Valley Road. We did the best we could with that.

Bob has already started to shrink here.

Today, it is 65 degrees, and HE is a white blob in our yard.

You might say it's a circle of life thing.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Unexpected Guest

Mark went on a hike this morning with my brother-in-law Scott, his son Scotty, and our girls. A beautiful morning out until they hit one snag. They stumbled across a puppy. A puppy who looked about 6 weeks old, covered with burrs, and scared as heck. Hmmm. What to do?

Bring him home, of course. Here he is now.

Doesn't this baby deserve a loving home?? We would love to find the right home for him!

Call or e-mail...we would love to help this little guy out.

Connie, Mark, Abigail, Mae, and Jax