Sunday, February 12, 2012

Play School

One of the girls' favorite games this year is to play school. They draw upon aspects from all of their teachers and subjects, and make worksheets for themselves, each other, and Mark and I. I'd like to share just a few.

Here is Mae's work one Saturday morning, completely self-initiated:

OK, now just to clarify, Mae often grouses about doing homework, and sometimes complains that it's "too hard". Clearly she's been sandbagging me.

But really, I'm so proud of how they are doing in math--adding and subtracting with carrying and borrowing, with some basic multiplication as well! I must say, I have been very pleased with the curriculum and level of instruction we get in our little rural schools.

Okay, now here is a sample from a packet Abigail prepared for Mark to complete. Pay attention to Mark's answers (he did intentionally make some mistakes to add interest). If the text is too small, click on the picture to make it larger.

I love the little illustrations Abigail added to incite thought in her student.

These are treasures that I am definitely keeping FOR LIFE! And here is just a little commentary from Abigail that sums it up:

Abigail was particularly proud of her 100% attendance last year, which actually was a complete surprise to me. This year, both girls have been amazingly healthy--no sick days yet!

Did I just jinx that?


  1. I think Mark needs a little more edumacation! Good to know you have all the money, Connie!

  2. Mom has all the money. That's no lie! Ha ha! Your kids are great, like their parents.

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