Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Baby Duckies

We went to visit our friends last week. They had just gotten baby ducklings in the mail the week prior. Yes, you can order ducklings through the mail. I was surprised too. Shipping's a bear, though.

There are three, so we all took turns holding them. They are about 8 days old here.

Check out how little the wing is. Like the arms on a T-rex!

Here's my friend Jen now, trying to show me some sort of finger on the adult duck's wing.

That's Jack, by the way. He's a grown male. The three duckies are going to be his girlfriends when they grow up.

These are Pekin ducks...not to be confused with Peking Duck, which is a roasted duck dish. Pekin ducks are very heavy-bodied, and do not fly.

I think these ducks are generally raised for meat. I don't really care for duck meat, but I do like the eggs. Fortunately for Jack, I think Jen only likes the eggs too!

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  1. A duck harem! Interesting things you are teaching your girls.