Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Yard Work

We've been sprucing up our long-neglected yard a bit. We had enclosed a dog run for Jax before we got him--a 20' x 8' area where we laid down pavers. The idea was to have a place where he could hang out and not get all muddy in the rainy season. Which still hasn't materialized.

ANYway, it quickly became clear that we needed a large, somewhat safe area to let him run around. Enter John, Mark's brother, who came down and helped enclose the ENTIRE 3/4 acre with stock wire.

While not completely dog proof (there are some low spots and a gap under the gate where a determined dog might escape), I think it should do the trick.

Next, Mark was re-stacking some siding he had buried under a tarp, and lookit what he found:

The markings look like a rattler, but the slim head and bare tail let us know that it was a big, fat gopher snake. Which made Mark want to capture it, of course.

Yep, probably five feet long! Mark was already putting together a grand plan to keep it, making phone calls to get an aquarium, etc., when I artfully suggested that if we were going to keep a snake, maybe we could buy a small one from a pet store, not capture a 5' wild snake and bring it into our home. Reluctantly, he finally recovered his senses and agreed.

He kept the snake until the girls got home from school, and we released it under the shed, where it could perform rodent control. Or it could scare the hell out of us by hanging out in the shed.

Aren't we just full of good ideas?


  1. I like the keeping the snake as a pet idea....come on Connie, what's the big deal!

    1. Snakes can be fun, but a small one from a pet store is a better idea. Have fun with that!!