Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Christmas Day

Mae woke up early on Christmas Day. She was so excited to look into the living room and see that Santa had visited. But rather than go down and really investigate, she wanted to get dressed, comb her hair, and make her bed, so that she was FULLY READY to enjoy the morning.

Weird, huh?

Next, we peeked outside to see if the reindeer had found their food.

Those reindeer made a mess!

Santa sampled the cookies, and left a thank you note, like the polite (and chubby) guy he must be!

Look at those beautiful (and full) stockings!

Mae made me an exercise ball for my hand. I have to admit, crumpled paper and packing tape are just as good as the little ball of sand I bought a few years ago. Who knew?

Next, per our custom, we all turned out for a round of golf on the back 40. Well...maybe it's closer to a driving range.

Dad coached all of us on our swing. He was dutifully polite about mine.

The cattle thought it was all a great spectacle.

Maybe it was. Just a little bit.

And after Christmas dinner, we retired to the pool room for a few games. Because nothing says "Merry Christmas" like a nice game of pool.

Another wonderful Christmas Day...what a gift!

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