Sunday, November 20, 2011

Last game

Last weekend was the end of the soccer season. Our team, the Hornets, ended up in the #1 spot overall, which was exciting for the kids, including Mark. Many of the games were very close, which makes it so fun to watch. To me, it is also a testament to the teams being pretty evenly drafted, which pleases my sense of fair play. Our girls really picked up their game this season, and it was exciting to watch them grow. Here are a few shots from their last game, which unfortunately was a little one-sided. Abigail played offense, which was where most of the action occurred, so poor Mae, on defense, spent most of her time standing around.

Abigail dribbling up the field:

Mae getting ready for a big boot:

Abigail made some pretty spectacular moves during the game.

AND she made her first goal!

Coach Schlaefer gathers the players in:

And they give their final cheer for the season:

The girls have both been selected for the All Star team, which will play against Oakhurst on Dec. 10th. So...I guess my season as Soccer Mom isn't quite over yet!


  1. Congratulations on such a great season!! Mae and Abigail, you are the bomb!!