Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Yosemite: Day 2

Day 2 started with a wonderful pancake breakfast to fill our bellies, courtesy of our buddy Mike. Then we packed up our gear and ventured off toward El Capitan. We hiked in to the base, where Mark and Mike looked longingly up at the climbs.

We entertained ourselves at length helping the kids start the climb, only to insist that they immediately climb down. Yes, we are deeply conflicted.

Next, we headed toward Sentinel Dome. Here is a cool pic from

Sentinel Dome is a large, stone cap atop a mountain at the edge of Yosemite Valley. Don't you just look at it and think "I just gotta climb that...and bring the kids too!" Yeah. Me too.

The hike is mild, about a mile long, but the destination is exposed and windy, and on this day, pretty chilly. After a few minutes, the kids all sought refuge in a sheltered spot among the bushes. You can kind of see three little blobs in the left side of this photo.

On the crest of the dome is what remains of a famous tree from an Ansel Adams photo. This photo, from, shows the original tree, and a later, dead version.

This is how it looks today, with five people sitting on it:

Our last adventure was a trip to Glacier Point, for another perspective on the valley from above. Although not as exposed, the kids still find the hidey-holes mighty attractive:

And Mark and I took the time to get a pic with just a couple. Kind of strange!

Hope you enjoyed our trip, and remember..."Speeding kills bears"!

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