Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween in the Hills

Halloween and its associated challenges crept up all too soon this year. By challenges, I mean creating costumes, attempting to help room-mother parties, and negotiating the fine line between not enough and too many treats. Fortunately (for me), at least this is not an environment where the kids get a lot of high-density door-to-door trick-or-treating, so we don't have massive amounts of candy to deal with. I do have fewer problems than most, and for that, I am grateful!

Costumes are always my biggest challenge, and a lot of it is self-imposed. My kids come up with the concept, and then I have to figure out how to bring it to life. This year was actually a lot of fun. The girls told me they wanted to be a pickle and a cucumber. Now, isn't that a clever idea? In so many ways! They start the same, and end up as two very different things, don't they? Where did they come up with THAT?! As part of their concept, they planned that they would tell people "I'm not a pickle, I'm a cucumber!" and "I'm not a cucumber, I'm a pickle!" My sole contribution to the concept was to put these phrases on a sign of some sort, partly because I wasn't sure my final product would be identifiable as a pickle OR a cucumber! But I have to say...people DID seem to identify them, even before reading the sign, which warmed my heart. Here's what I came up with:

They had a parade at the school. Here they are, marching two by two behind their brave and groovy teacher, Mrs. Burton.

We had a little classroom party. We had four stations: The bag-making station, the spider-lollipop making station, the snack eating station, and the cookie decorating station. Here's Mae, putting big, furry legs on a lollipop:

I must station was quite popular. It was the cookie decorating station. I even made the cookies MYSELF. FROM SCRATCH. Which means from more than two components. Not only were the cookies FROM SCRATCH, but they had sticks in them, like lollipops. They were not spectacular, but I grew to appreciate them more and more throughout the hour, because they were very, very practical.

I will not show you pictures of the children who, despite my warnings, piled the frosting so high that they slopped over in a drippy mess on the floor. That was not a happy time at my station. Fortunately, most of the kids were more interested in making a design, and happily enjoyed both creating and disposing of their designs in one sitting.

Saturday night, we attended a local carnival, replete with inflatables, kettle corn, haunted houses, and all kinds of costumes. In fact, I saw Jesus there. I think he even won a raffle prize. You'd think he'd let someone else win! Here are the kids in a contest where they strap on vests attached to the wall with a bungee cord. The goal is to put a velcro beanbag the furthest on the center divider. I won't say who won!

Tonight, a little pumpkin carving and car trick-or-treating should cap off this holiday, and we move our sights on to Thanksgiving!


  1. GREAT COSTUMES....Sam dresses in whatever we want at this point...haven't had to make any costumes yet!

  2. The girls look great!! You are a very talented costume designer. I hope they had fun last night and stayed warm.