Monday, October 17, 2011

Growing up in so many ways

Yes, this is going to be another one of those sappy, sentimental ramblings about how quickly the children grow. With a little data thrown in...because we all like data. Don't we? So data first, and then..."the reveal".

The girls seem to have stretched this summer, their limbs becoming long and slender, although still muscular. I admit, I find myself staring at these amazing creatures, just struck by the beauty I see developing in them. And trying desperately to treasure every moment of their childhood as they so rapidly evolve into more independent, self-sufficient little people. This "treasuring" may be translated into babying and be it. I'm OK with that.

This weekend, we quantified the speed of these changes the old-fashioned way...with the yardstick. What you see below is a piece of wood we have moved from house to house, and now have permanently mounted in our utility room. Check out Mae's growth from August to October:

Is this normal?

Here's Abigail:

Pretty much the same, although she is just over 1/2" shorter. What the heck??!!!

This week we also got school pictures back. So finally I am unveiling the haircuts from weeks ago. Drumroll please....

Do you see what I mean? It's NOT just me, is it?! They are growing up, despite my best efforts! And isn't it funny how somewhat out of character they seem on this particular day, with Mae so girly and Abigail so sporty?

Holy moley...I sure got my money's worth for school pictures this year, I feel!


  1. Wow. Did they every complain that their legs hurt? Also, very beautiful pictures and I love their hair-do's.