Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Whole Junk of 'Em

When the girls were 3 or so, they used to mix up "bunch" and "junk". Or maybe they just didn't know "bunch"...only "junk". Anyway, we still use this phrase today to describe, as you might guess, a large quantity.

We had a whole junk of Schlaefers here recently, with Mark's brother Kent coming to visit. He and his wife, Katherine, came to visit from the outer banks of NC, coincidentally at exactly the same time Hurricane Irene was passing over their home. Fortunately, they had no major damage. They were in CA to visit adult sons Peter and Steven (both now CA residents), and the whole group, plus Mark's younger brother John and his son Zachary (our home-building helper), all came out our way for a visit. We greeted them with our signature ensemble:

Then for the next 36 hours we talked, ate, and drank...all at high volume. We hit the highlights of Tollhouse: burgers and shakes at the Tollhouse Market, my folks' pool, and our crawlspace.

As a host, I was torn between trying to take care of everything and have my guests relax, or allowing Katherine to do things in my kitchen, where I could watch and possibly learn from her. She is a most amazing cook. In the end, my selfish instincts won out, I invited her in, and she did do something magical with some fresh figs (which I just happened to have on hand), cream cheese, and walnuts on toasted sourdough. Which she just made up on the spot. See what I mean? I should also note that per his request, Peter was the master chef for breakfast both days. It was the first time he had cooked for his mom, so that was an event in itself.

All too soon, it was time to say goodbye. Here are the Schlaefer men:

And the next generation:

And that's what it's all about, isn't it?

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