Thursday, September 15, 2011

Whine and Wii

Over the last several years (i.e. ever since I left the Air Force), my level of fitness has been in decline. Predictable, I know. I just haven't figured out how to get things done, especially in a rural area on a limited budget. Yes, we do have the great outdoors, but it's either too dark, or too hot during my windows to work out. Plus, I can no longer knee tells me that. I was riding the bike for a while, but these roads don't have much of a shoulder, so I feel like the risk is pretty high. There is a little workout studio 25 minutes away, but I can't see myself reliably going there, and it is not cheap. And then I started having some issues with my back...some pain, stiffness, and some disconcerting grinding when I moved certain ways, which really freaked me out.

Does this sound like a bunch of whining and excuses? YES, I think so too. So for Mothers Day, I asked for a Wii Fit. I suspected (hoped) the source of my back issues was a weak core, and I thought if I started to strengthen it, I'd feel better.

Did you notice I said Mother's Day? The one that occurs in May? Well, the Wii did not solve my back problems, and I ended up going to the doctor and physical therapy to help resolve it. I got two tangible goods from that process:
#1: I got an x-ray and gained some confidence that nothing is grossly wrong with my back (the grinding is a loose SI joint, probably from carrying the twins--creepy but not painful at all)
#2: After months of being really tentative with my back, the movements and environment in PT sparked the memory of how much I loved to work out!

I'm finally getting the "clearance" to go back to normal activities. Recently, I dusted off the Wii, and tried a program I hadn't before: "The Biggest Loser". Patterned after the TV show of the same name, you can choose circuit workouts, yoga, "challenges", and there are recipes, health tips, and videos to boot. I tried a workout and BAM, I was hooked! You can choose your intensity and duration for the workouts, and boy, did I really work up a sweat! Yeah! And I earned some sore muscles! Double yeah!

I'll let you know if this tidal wave of enthusiasm carries on into next week. :-)

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