Wednesday, September 28, 2011

If you build it, they will come

You may recall that late last spring, we worked on a project at the kid's at-the-time-soon-to-be-new school. We helped put in sprinklers for the kindergarten play area. Well, that area was still seriously underwhelming for the almost 90 kinder kids, so we reconvened to add a sandbox.

Mark is the lead of the construction arm of the VIPS (volunteers in public service), a local service group formed to help support our schools. He does a lot of smaller jobs on his own, but this was a biggie. FORTUNATELY, we had a nice turn-out, with 15 parents, grandparents, teachers and kids turning out over two days to help. Unfortunately, those two days just happened to be some of the hottest September days I can recall (104 the first day), but we can legitimately claim a bunch of sweat equity!

I'm proud to say, the kids were part of the effort. They kept asking to help, and finally there was a job that was just right!

As a final touch, the volunteers emptied their pockets, throwing all their loose change into the box and burying it in the sand.

I don't have a picture of the first day...yet.

I know. What a tease! But I'll get one and share it. I promise.

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