Friday, September 23, 2011

Big Girl Hair Cuts

I finally decided the time had come. As much as I enjoyed cutting the girls' hair, the jagged edges and stray hairs were getting to me. They deserved better.

A little girl in their class always has a sharp little bob, and I asked her mom where she went. To my happy surprise, it was Danny, at Hannah's Hair, a little shop right up here in Prather. More than ever, I value keeping the business and money local if at all possible. So I made an appointment, the day before school pictures.

I expected I might be sad, seeing someone else cut their hair and realizing it was the end of an era. But strangely, all I felt was happiness and...relief. Now the girls would look as good as they SHOULD look. So it was definitely time to take this step, eh?

Abigail was the first to take the plunge:

Danny was very tolerant of the freakazoid mom snapping pictures at his every move.

Mae found it a little disconcerting.

But she settled in as well. You may notice her hair is shorter. Abigail wants to grow hers a bit longer for styling versatility. Mae wants shorter for ease of combing. So you see, their hair really is a window into their souls.

Thank goodness it's in better hands!

What did the final product look like? Well, you'll have to tune in next time! But I CAN say, I went back and got my own hair cut a few days later. And then I went back again and splurged with some highlights. Yes, I think we found a keeper.

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  1. Can't wait to see the final product...maybe he can give Mark some extensions!