Thursday, August 4, 2011

Reliably Unreliable

So...perhaps you've noticed that it has been quite a span of time since I last posted. This gap was not completely without cause. I was out of town on an RV road trip for most of that time, but had optimistically predicted that internet connectivity would be robust and plentiful. Not so.

Therefore, I was forced into a bit of a hibernation, and I am just now shaking off the cobwebs. I'm thinking I might share a bit about my trip. And share some funny stories. But maybe starting tomorrow...not tonight.

I'll just leave you with our first night's lodging, an RV camp in Tehachapi, CA. See the wind turbines on the ridge? It was located right next to an airstrip, which made me a little nervous.

Fortunately, it was an airstrip for gliders, and they didn't fly at night!

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