Friday, August 26, 2011

Endless Endless Endless Entertainment

Although the start of the school year hit me like a freight train, I did make SOME effort to prepare. There were some items, like backpacks and shoes, that really had to be purchased before school. Naturally, we went up to Paradise (near Chico), to visit friends Nick and Judy to do our school shopping. Why? Because I am a bad shopper, and Judy is very, very good, and she enjoys spoiling the girls.

We went to JC Penney as our primary target. Historically, the girls enjoy shopping for toys and anything that looks like toys, including jewelry and purses that look like stuffed animals hanging on a string. This trip was no exception. But I guess we don't often (i.e. never) really go clothes shopping. I hadn't really recognized this fact until we were in the dressing rooms. The girls acted like they had never been in one...they were just fascinated with the mirrors.

Their antics just tickled my funny bone. Here are these two girls, who are so nearly reflections of each other, enjoying endless sets of themselves, marching and kicking.

Dressing rooms--who knew they could be so fun?


  1. VERY COOL! I loved school shopping every year!

  2. That is an awesome picture. Also, I was laughing out loud by the end of your post and Garrett checked on me to make sure I was o.k.!!! How fun!