Wednesday, August 31, 2011

2020 Olympics, Here we Come!

Yes! I have found the girls' natural talent...a sport where they just might be child prodigy material.

The sport is: Bocce ball.

Maybe it's NOT in the Olympics now, but it could be by 2020, right? I mean, if curling could make it, the Bocce could too! They really did seem to have a knack for it. Check out that form!

We discovered this talent when we visited Merlo Park, in Stirling City for a weekend picnic. The park is a beautifully groomed 27-acre refuge, with a man-made waterfall & stream feeding three ponds.

The ponds were stocked with rainbow trout, although I don't think fishing is allowed. FEEDING the fish is allowed, however, and Boy are those fish FAT! The girls enjoyed watching the fish fight over pellets from the vending machine.

And what could be more fun than sending your Crocs floating down the stream?

We all found things to enjoy about the park...

The park was populated with bronze statues, and the girls had a great time hamming it up with their metallic counterparts:

What a wonderful afternoon!

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