Friday, June 10, 2011

Water Play Day

One of the highly anticipated end-of-school-year events is "Water Play Day". Our Booster Club sets up a bunch of activities out on the fields, and each grade gets to visit and go just a little bit crazy. This year was different for several reasons. First, the weather was very iffy...forecast for the mid-70s. Second, it was the last Water Play Day for Sierra Elementary, before it closes its doors, so there was a desire to make it extra special, and a bit of heaviness in our hearts. But just look how it turned out...

We set up a giant slip-and-slide on the hill:

A wonderful vendor, Bounce House Bonanza, gave us three inflatables for an incredible deal:

The kids enjoyed super soakers, shaving cream, and bubbles:

And adjourned for a tasty fruit icee:

I'd have to was a grand "grand finale".