Monday, June 6, 2011

Science Day

Last Friday we went on a field trip to Shaver Lake, hosted by Southern California Edison. They have a large hydro-electric facility, and own a lot of the surrounding land. And maybe their PR efforts are successful, because now I believe they are pretty good custodians of that land. The kids really enjoyed the variety of "stations"...all very hands-on. Check it out!

They had firemen, who obligingly made some fire, then put it out.

We learned about meadows:

A weather-monitoring station (there's Abigail in the maroon top):

I love to see the interest as the kids reach out and touch these items!

A highlight for ME was getting to go down into the tunnel to view the actual plant:

The tunnel was a mile long, taking us 1,000 feet underground. This cavern houses the actual plant. The water is gravity-fed through the turbine during peak demand hours, then the turbine runs in reverse and water is pumped back up to higher elevation at night. Is that not SO COOL?!

And back out into the forest, we learned about trees.

Look at this huge round! 150 rings

What a wonderful day!

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