Monday, June 20, 2011


Another end-of-year event is the 8th grade "promotion". Can't call it "graduation" because people might get confused:
"What, you're graduating? I thought you were only in 8th grade!"
This major celebration is kind of a hold-over from years gone by when the elementary schools were K-8 and there was no middle school. We're returning to that again, in a way, moving to a K-6 and 7-12.

This event was a big deal for us because my neice Megan was in the 8th grade class. And it was extra special because she had a speaking part, as the ASB president. And it was extra, extra special because she won two awards: The Leadership award (a $500 scholarship) and the citizenship award.

Congrats Megan! Just over her shoulder, you can see my neice Casey, who broke her leg in softball. Actually, it was broken for her by a girl stealing home, and Casey was the catcher. Ouch.

So now my sister, Gail, has two girls in high school. Look out, world (and Gail!)

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  1. Love the girls' dresses! Can't wait 'till you have girls in high school!