Friday, June 10, 2011

Last Day

Thursday, after the class parties, and ice cream, and cookies, and cupcakes, and clean-up, it was finally time--time to walk off the campus of our beautiful little school for the last time.

This last year, I've shed many a tear over the closing of Sierra Elementary, this beautiful little mountain school that has been such a wonderful experience for my children. Although my sisters went to school here, I did I've really only had a connection here for two years while my children attended. I can only imagine how those who have a much longer history here must feel. Many of the other parents attended this school. Quite a few of the teachers and staff (like my sister, Gail) have long histories here too. In the midst of it all, I am thankful that many of those same people were involved in making these difficult decisions. Three of the seven board members actually attended here as well. While I've been involved in the budget assessment, my head understands and recommended closure, but my heart is in a different place on this one.

I put up the flags for the last time that morning. We walked by them waving proudly on the way out. They include the flag proclaiming Sierra as a California Distinguished School.

Someone snuck a poster up with a little prayer--it speaks for us all.

Amen, Sierra. Amen.


  1. So, must be hard....

  2. Wow, just got somewhat caught up on what's been going on with you sorry to hear about this sweet school having to close its doors...tough times! The girls are growing up so fast and are just as cute as can be. Juan is finally retiring! His ceremony is Wednesday with a big party at our house on Saturday! Wish we lived closer!!! Say hi to Mark and the girls!!!