Friday, June 24, 2011

Go Fish

For their seventh birthday, my girls asked for fishing poles. They picked out their favorites, and my folks obligingly purchased them.

Abigail got a pink Barbie pole.

And Mae got "The Ugly Stick".

Just think about that. Did she choose it because of its contrary name, or in spite of it?

I think it was the vast array of accessories that caught her eye. Even if they weren't pink.

So for the past month, the girls have been anxious to get down to the lake to try things out. Last week, we finally made it down.

The Barbie pole came with a casting plug, so Abigail had fun practicing her casting.

When it came time to put on actual hooks, I got a little squeamish. I wanted the least committing hooks possible. I don't actually want to keep and EAT the bluegill they catch on the dock!

Fortunately (for me), they didn't have much luck. Except for this catfish, which Scotty caught just with the net.

It was tending its cache of eggs, so perhaps it wasn't very sporting, but pretty irresistible for a kid, I'd say! We let it go.

Hey, I might even get a license this year. It's looking kind of fun!


  1. I started fishing at a young age because my grandpa and my dad fished. I loved it, although I preferred using eggs as bait to using worms. Looking forward to seeing you all July 13th!!