Monday, June 27, 2011

Fresno's Storyland and Playland

Last week, we made a somewhat impromptu trip to Fresno's Storyland and Playland. A friend's sister had tickets through Groupon, and we got to use the last two of the bunch. I had never been to this little park, so this was a real adventure. The girls put on their adventure wear (the Disneyland tutu dresses). We hit Storyland first. Storyland is a little wooded park with fairy tale figures and recorded stories.

Yes, I directed this spontaneous joyous display. Doesn't it just ooze with spontaneous joy?

Yes, I thought so, too. But Abigail did manage to ham it up with Mother Goose...

Here is the Groupon group, plus one infant. Thank goodness there were three moms and two grandmas to shepherd them!

Playland was a little amusement park, complete with a mini roller coaster:

There was a twinge of sadness as I watched my little fluffs of pink and green happily disappear on the big-kid ride.

Here they are, taking command of their own pink helicopter:

It does make me happy that they still enjoy a little spin on the merry-go-round, although ever since I told them the outside horse goes the fastest, they both want that one.

We ended our adventures with a little less sandwich and an escort of hungry geese!

I'm so glad we made it to this park. The girls are almost too old to enjoy it fully, but thankfully I think we made it under the wire.

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