Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Yes, You Can!

Once in a while, I look at the "stats" for my blog. Anyone who has been around here for a while knows that I'm just throwin' stuff out there for family and friends, versus trying to get my big break into the publishing world.

But it is interesting to see how people get here. First of all, I notice my most popular post has been "home made trim", followed by "Dents, Cuts, and Pony Walls". Clearly the building theme remains the most popular. But I do see the "mutton bustin" post creeping up the chart!

I can also see keywords used to find my site. Most of it looks like people actually trying to find ME, using my name, or the site name, in various forms.

But here is one I just had to share. Someone hit on my site with the following keywords:

"can i wear a tutu at disneyland"

Steve, fess up. It was you, wasn't it?

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