Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Party Grinch

I gave away my true feelings in the title of this post, but I will do my best to keep things light and bubbly. Like it was really fun. Well, I can't was fun. Just not for me. And that is the truth. Once in a while I have to be a little painfully honest here.

Last year was my first dalliance with "the birthday party". We had a little swim party, and it was successful. The girls invited 3 kids each. So this year, I got a little more brave. I allowed them to invite 5 kids each. And then I invited one more.

I'll come out and say, birthday parties break my heart, because I think they break kids' hearts. It is one of the first times I can think of where the lines are so clearly drawn "You are invited. You are not." And although I can say "That is life", I also remember being on the "not" side enough to cringe when I am drawing the lines myself.

My girls have been dreaming and plotting and planning and listing what they wanted to do for their birthday for literally months. What they wanted was not Chuck E. Cheese, or mega-bounce-houses, or anything like that. They wanted to share the things they enjoy most...right here at home. They wanted to pet the kittens, feed the cattle, go up in the treehouse, and swim in the pool. How pure and sweet is that? I loved their idea, and I wanted to give them exactly that. Here's how it went.

The girls arrived and put on visors with their names on them. They weren't as pretty as I'd hoped, and I originally thought we'd let them do some decorating, but that went by the wayside. The names on the hats were an unanticipated stroke of genius because they helped Mark match names with faces early on.

We loaded up into the truck for a hayride/cattle feed.

Then we went down to the treehouse:

Uh-Oh...someone stepped in some you-know-what!

Then we went to my folks' backyard and had cake:

And swam:

It does look like fun, doesn't it? Maybe my heart will grow bigger in time for next year.

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