Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Our Second Home

It has long been Mark's goal to build a treehouse for the kids. The time came to follow through. In his typical style, Mark threw himself into the project, did a bunch of research, and had a grand master plan drawn up. It wasn't until he was actually at Lowes, looking at the lumber, that he began to question his concept. He had envisioned a fully enclosed little playhouse, nestled up in the tree. Can't you just picture it?

But, he started to wonder if that was the best way to enjoy the tree, in a closed-up box. And he started to worry that it might be too heavy for the tree, especially fully loaded.

So a new concept was born.

Kind of a deer-stand, observation deck sort of a treehouse.

Where one is fully in touch with the tree. And the fact that you are way up in it!

There is a custom stairway-ladder.

And a trap door.

Mark attached it to the tree in the most tree-friendly way: a single puncture of the bark with a lag bolt through the center of the trunk. The platform "rides" on top of these bolts, allowing things to shift as the tree grows.

We may put a partial roof on later.

I think we like it!


  1. Cool...I want to come play! Now for the upgrades....get to work, Mark.

  2. Very nice. I can't wait to check it out in person.

  3. Hey, this could be a Mech Eng 459 project.
    Was that the right class? Too many years.