Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Giving birth

My daughters are fairly prolific writers and artists. One of my favorite exercises they do at school is to write several descriptive sentences, and add an illustration. Here is one of Abigail's products, about seeing a cat giving birth. You should be able to click on it and get a larger version...if you dare.

Here is the translation, if you have trouble:

"We saw our cat Buttercup giving birth to a kitten. She was giving birth under a bush. It was her first time having kittens. She was not comfortable at first. But she found a perfect position."

This was an interesting event. I had never heard a cat cry while giving birth, but this one did. These were her first kittens, and I guess she didn't know what was going on. In fact, we found a dead one, and thought she lost the entire litter until about 4 weeks later. There were three fat, healthy kittens safely hidden away! Want one?

Anyway, aren't these stories and illustrations wonderful stuff? I'm afraid I save every story. They'll have to wallow through them all in 50 years or so.


  1. They will love to see these in 20 years. Yes, keep them.

  2. Oh, this is fantastic. We have kept our kids school projects, it's just a part of life!! I wish my parents had kept some of mine for me.