Sunday, April 10, 2011

You want to do WHAT?

Something strange is happening to me.

I find myself cruising strange, new websites, reading profile after profile.

Looking for something as yet undefined, but growing slowly more compelling.

I'm starting to feel a void in my life.

Something is missing. And I think it might be...

a dog.

And the funny thing is, Mark has started to bring it up, too.

What kind of dog would fit in with our family?

Not too small, but not too big.

Not too young (don't think I'm gonna do a puppy--I want a known quantity), but not too old (need plenty o' vigor left for two almost-seven-year-olds). But not hyper.

Minimal grooming.

This all is a big leap for me. After assuming for much of my life that I'd WANT a dog when I had settled, especially with the children, I haven't much felt the urge to open my brand new house to an animal.

But I think I might be changing my mind.



  2. Yeah, we are definitely adopting from a shelter. There is this great site "" that shows pets from all the local shelters. But of really have to see them face to face to make a fair judgement.

  3. You won't regret it! There are also sights you can go on to find out what type of dog best suits your family's lifestyle. Kind of fun.

  4. Having a pet has been the "normal" part of a military family for us. No matter where we lived, we still had the pet with us, helping each house feel like home. It has been hard not having a pet here. We have adopted shelter animals in the past and very happy with them.