Monday, April 11, 2011

The Day of Rest

On this relaxing Sunday, we undertook three major projects:

1. Mark took the tractor out and we tried to knock down dead trees. Years ago, my father had planted a border of trees along a portion of the property. I believe he was reacting to the construction of a home right on the setback on the adjacent property. Well, the trees were a bit too high maintenance, especially so far back on the property, and they mostly died. This means most of them died. Or most of them MOSTLY died, meaning they might have a little tiny bit of life left, but just barely.

Well, that house has changed hands at least once since then. And the row of dead tress is now our property. So...we'd like to take them out. Here was our first attempt. Mark tried running into the trees to loosen the root ball or break the trunk, whichever comes first. Then we chained the tree and lifted it out over the fence. This worked well on the VERY dead trees, but not on the ones that had more established roots. This whole process was made more awkward by the fact that there are fences on either side of the row of trees.

We eventually concluded that we'd come back later with a chainsaw.

2. I cleaned my car. My suburban mom minivan has become a dirt-encrusted farm vehicle. I cleaned the interior. I couldn't muster the energy to attack the exterior. So it STILL looks like a dirt-encrusted farm vehicle. But what the heck...I do live on a dirt road, you know.

3. We adopted 3 new baby kittens. My parents' cat, Sassy, had a litter. We had built a nest for her up here, hoping she would have the babies here. She had them in the bed of my parents' truck instead. Since they had to be moved anyway, we brought them up here. I hope they stay.

After all this, we did jump in the hot tub at my folks' house. That part was indeed relaxing. to start a very busy week!


  1. Mark is enjoying that tractor a little too much.....

  2. Men and their big toys!!! Good luck with the kitties. It will be fun for the girls to watch them grow.

  3. You must like "The Princess Bride".
    "He's only mostly dead, which means that he's a little bit alive."