Friday, March 4, 2011

The Trade-off

"Hey, today is Dr. Suess's birthday!" I said to my darling children. "They will have a cake at lunchtime. Do you want to have a school lunch? The meal is pizza."

"Well, I can't promise I'll eat the pizza, Mom" confesses Mae. I can always count on her to self-report. Abigail? Not so much!

So now, what's a parent to do? I think it is neat and fun that they have a celebration of Dr. Suess's birthday, but my children will likely eat only cake for lunch. And so, of course, I commit to making our own birthday cake. Because 15 pieces of cake at home is surely more healthy than one piece of cake and no pizza at school. Right???

Lunch is an interesting proposition anyway. The girls prefer to bring their lunches. Conveniently, I prefer to pack their lunches because then I know what they are eating (especially Mae, who hoards all her debris in the lunchbox for me to deal with later). On the down side, I am sadly lacking in creative lunch-making. The girls get an awful lot of PB&J...but hey...they keep asking for it! I have carved PB&J sandwiches into interesting shapes like dolphins and ponies and frogs. I feel so smug on those days!

OK, enough of that exciting discussion. Here is our own personal celebration of the birthday of Theodor Suess Geisel, whose legacy we've enjoyed so much. The cake was actually pretty good. Only 11 more pieces to go!


  1. Very cute cake!!! How fun to celebrate Dr. Suess' birthday!!! As for the lunches, if you can pack an ice pack in their lunch box, you can feed them anything they would eat at home...cottage cheese, yogurt with granola, hard boiled eggs, leftovers, cheese and crackers. Ask them for ideas too. They may see something in another's kid lunch that they would enjoy having you fix for them.