Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Moon is Born

Our neighbors' mare foaled last week.

Didn't I say that naturally, like I know what the heck I'm talking about? She foaled. That means she had a baby. A baby horse, really. Which is called a foal. NOT a PONY (Mark).

So we went to see the baby (foal). Here he is.

It is a "he", so in addition to calling him a baby, or a foal (and never EVER a PONY, Mark), you can also call him a colt, which is a young male horse.

This colt has a distinctive mark:

So now does the title of this post make sense? Yes, they MUST make some use of that mark when they name him. Luna? (no, that's feminine) Moonie? Um, I'm drawing a blank, but surely there is some perfect name for that little crescent!

Here are the girls, welcoming him to the world, and to our little corner of it. The girl with the longer hair is the owner's daughter, my girls' classmate and friend.

The mare's owner is the daughter of some folks who sold us their horse back when I was a teenager. So, this is kind of a little horsey cousin, twice removed.

Isn't family great?

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  1. So, when do the girls get to bring the "pony" home?