Tuesday, March 29, 2011

An American Tradition

This year we signed up as members of a Girl Scout Troop. The troop was just starting up, and it seems there was quite a call for it up here in the foothills...there are 35 girls in our group! Things are a little different than when I was a girl scout just a few years ago, but the core is the same. The girls are "Daisy" scouts, just beginners, and will be "Brownies" next year as 2nd graders.

Recently, scouting has brought the girls their first experience with sales, hawking the traditional cookies. Now, I'm not an excellent teacher of sales skills, because I STILL hate to approach people, or call people, or really even initiate a conversation, if I'm honest about it. Hopefully they'll imprint more from Mark in this area, because he does NOT share this handicap! Fortunately, Girl Scout cookies sell themselves. This was clearly shown in our ventures this weekend. We had a six-year-old and two five-year-olds as our sales reps. They may or may not be playing under the table at any given time, leaving us hapless parents to tend the store. But people walked up and plunked their money down, investing $4 in 15 Thin Mints, Carmel Delights, or Peanut Butter Patties. (OK, there may be more than 15, but when I mow through a box in one sitting, it seems like there can't be very many...can there?).

We set up shop in front of the local grocery store, breaking the day into two shifts. Abigail and I worked the first 2 hours, and Mark and Mae handled the 2nd two. Between play breaks, I tried to direct Abigail in addressing people's questions, giving them price quotes, and calculating totals and change. Big success! She did well, and people were patient and gracious. She also got experience in handling money. By the end of her shift, she understood and (mostly) practiced the concept of handing people their change, looking them in the eye and thanking them. I was very proud. Here are my little Daisies now!

We thank you for your support!

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