Friday, February 25, 2011

The Place Next to the World's Happiest Place

We've been out of town for a week, so just catching our collective breath. I didn't post that information prior to our departure for security reasons. Because you never know when one of your readers will read about your upcoming vacation, and then break into your house because they know you're out of town.

But now I can come out and say it...we went to Disneyland. Well, first we went to Morgan Hill, which is always a very happy place in its own right, THEN we went to the Happiest Place on Earth (a.k.a. Disneyland). And THEN we went to California Adventure, which is the park next to Disneyland. We had quite the crew: our 4, my sister Gail and her two youngest, and the proud sponsor of our trip, my mom. I had three pieces of electronics with me: the camcorder, my new camera, and my cell phone. On Day 1, all three were failures. Well, maybe 2.75 were failures. I did get some pictures on my cell phone before it went dead. So we'll just look at pictures from Day 2 for now, and I'll work on getting some Day 1 pictures from the phone and my niece's camera.

California Adventure, while not infused with the fantasy nature of Disneyland, was a real treat. Lots of classic boardwalk-type games and rides, outdoorsy activities for the kids, a cool roller coaster for the larger people, and some pretty exciting "virtual" rides and shows. My very favorite was the "Soaring over California" ride, which was a simulated hang-glider flight over various points in California. Even the wait for the ride was fantastic for me, since it was decorated in a flight test theme, to include rocket engines and support systems that could have been right out of the Rocket site at Edwards AFB! But did I get pictures of that? No, I did not.

Here are the girls and Mark on the river rafting ride. A soaker, but very fun (to watch, ha ha!)

The girls on the rock wall and the zip line:

The girls and their cousin Scotty were amazed at all the coins in the simulated pond. They can find fun ANYWHERE! (check out the roller coasters in the distance)

And here are the girls in somewhat close proximity to Mickey Mouse.

He was off to an important business meeting, so he didn't have time to greet everyone. A little disappointing, but soon forgotten in favor of the Tuck and Roll Bumper Cars!

All in all, a wonderful trip. We still have one more day on our passes because two days in a row was just right. Let's go!


  1. As a native Californian, I have fond memories of Disneyland. Of course, it was much different 30+ years ago. Looks like you had a great time and lots of fun though.