Sunday, February 13, 2011

Pictures of poor, poor, Mae

First, I need to point out that I have PICTURES of poor, poor Mae. Pictures from a camera. A real one. Well...a real point and shoot. The fancy dancy SLR is still in my distant future.

I got a Nikon Coolpix 12 Mp, $99 at Costco, and it is fantastic! So light and tiny, keeps a charge, and so MANY settings! All to explore! SO EXCITING!!!!!!!!!!!! (Thank you, Mom!)

So you'll see some of my edgy picture taking in the not too distant future. Now...on to Mae.

Poor, poor Mae has been "sick" for ten days now. A week ago Thursday I picked her up from school with a fever of 103.4 degree and vomiting. Fortunately #2 didn't happen until I got there, and was all contained in one receptacle or another. Which is good, because I don't handle vomit well. That lasted for a day, but the fever has persisted, along with cough and congestion. After a week, I broke down and took her to the doctor, where we found that she does NOT have pneumonia, but she DOES have asthma from this thing, which we are medicating. She has steadily improved, but each night, the fever returns, meaning she stays home from school for yet another day.

So each day, Mae and I hang out, play, and battle over school work. This is harder in many ways than you'd think. I have all these PROJECTS which I've had to put on the back burner, but they prey on my mind and distract me. And I do like to play...but frankly I have my limits. I have to meter it out. It's the school work thing that has been the real challenge. I'll confess that homework is routinely a battle, and this just ups the ante. The only "plus" is that I get her when she's fresh, vs after a full day of school. Probably the biggest lesson here is for me--as much as I've toyed with the idea of home-schooling, I don't think I could do it. Not well, and not to the benefit of my children, although the spontaneous field trips would be cool!

OK, here is Mae after a successful art project. Their science segment is studying penguins, art segment makes one out of "tear art", and then in math we measure it!

And here she is making pudding pops. Not a school assignment.

The instructions say to stir for two minutes. Keep going.

OK, two minutes is up.

That virus can't survive in frozen pudding pops, can it? CAN IT????
I'm feeling a little queasy.


  1. POOR MAE! I love the penguin....yah I don't think home schooling would be for me either. Abigail must miss her at school...

  2. It's nice that she keeps the butcher knives handy to ward off attackers and a bottle of booze on the windowsill to help with her kind of girl!! I hope Mae is feeling better soon. How is Abigail doing with not having Mae at school? This is probably the first time they have spent time apart like this.

    Oh yeah...I hope the virus doesn't survive in the pudding pops!!

  3. So sorry to hear about Mae and asthma on top of it all. It sounds weird, especially lasting so long. Jackie has asthma that has improved over the years. With Mae's spunky attitude, I'm sure she'll bounce back real soon. All the best.