Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Up to the Snow

Last Sunday, we had the perfect day to go up and play in the snow. The cloud layer was hanging from 2-4,000 feet, so our house was cold and foggy, but within a 30 minute drive, we were above the clouds and into a beautiful day. Of course, many other people had the same idea, so we had to drive another 20 minutes to a snow park that had some parking left.

This was our second excursion into CA snow country, and I'm proud to say we were much better equipped this time. Of course, we have lived in snow country before, so Mark and I were well outfitted, but we had cobbled together something for the girls on our first venture, just to play for an hour or so. We should have known better--galoshes just don't cut it in the snow, even if you have nice thick socks. They become nice, thick, wet socks in no time!

Even with those burbles, we were all excited to try our new sleds. Two of my sister's kids joined our troop as we headed up.

Abigail was the adventurer, climbing fearlessly...

And sledding endlessly.

Scotty, of course, was another fearless adventurer:

He and Mark are little blobs atop this large snow-capped boulder.

Mae's approach to the snow, on the other hand, was more low-key. After a few sledding runs, she was off to build a snowman.

Her favorite past time was making snow angels:

And of course, eating the snow.

The afternoon light on the snow was so beautiful.

Here is the whole crowd (minus moi):

And the Schlaefer four:

Thank goodness we're not football fans...we might have been sitting on the couch instead!

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