Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Time Hole

Yesterday marked a huge achievement. I finally finished the video for the school's winter program, held Dec 16th. You may well note that date was quite some time ago. All I can say is...I didn't just start this project this week. This as been a big black time hole, sucking away hours and hours of my life these past few weeks.

"Sure", I said, "I'll make the video." Heck, it was something I'd been wanting to learn how to do, literally for years!

And of course it was a lot harder than it HAD to be, since my computers are not top speed and couldn't take the first set of non-returnable software I bought (always read that fine print on the side of the box and know what it means!). And my camcorder records on a mini-DVD, which is old school and encoded in its own little way that has to be cracked open by some third-party software that took me sooooo long to find.

BUT I have triumphed over these hurdles, and produced a dang, good video! Well, it has some flaws, but it's mostly goodish. And it is on sale for $3. Yep, that's what they said at the program, so I'm stuck with it. Heck, I only have to sell 40 of them to make back the money I spent on software!

You may place your orders now!

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