Saturday, January 15, 2011


During Christmas break, the girls attended a birthday party that included a visit to the outdoor ice skating rink. This is a seasonal set-up in Old Town Clovis, and it was our first-ever time on ice skates for the girls. Imagine my surprise when we arrived at the rink, only to find NO ICE. I didn't know the surface would be SIMULATED ice (a.k.a. plastic). Not to worry, the attendant assured players skate on this all the time.

Oh. Now I feel better. Here's my money.

In their typical style, the girls had two very different approaches to skating. Mae was very cautious, and took her time around the rink. Abigail was convinced she could do all the moves, and she gave it a go. Time after time. She personally wiped up the entire rink with her pants. I couldn't even get a non-blurry picture of her!

Here's Mae:

Here are the three of us. Yes, I did go out there.

And here is my FIRST EVER video on my blog, so you get the full effect. This is after about an hour or so on skates.

Pretty impressive, eh?

And yeah, they made some simulated snow (a.k.a. soap suds) just to complete the experience.

Not sure what the girls will think if they ever encounter REAL ice!

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