Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What is a smile worth?

Now that trash day has carried away the wrappings, things are calming down a bit in the farmhouse. We had three different Christmas celebrations, one with just the four of us Christmas morning, one with my parents, sisters, and nieces/nephew that afternoon. We had a third when Mark's brother John and his family visited on the 26-27th.

Between Santa, family, and friends, the girls did very well on their lists. I'll have to get some follow-up photos, since I stuck more with video that day. Next time...

Right now, I have a story on my mind from bath time last night. Each of the girls took LOONNGG, luxurious baths, with a shampoo at the end. I admit, they are old enough to do their own hair, but we both still prefer it this way, so...what the heck! I was rinsing Mae's hair, and she was clowning around a bit, when all of a sudden her face broke into a huge grin.

"Yes!" she cheered, "I was trying to get you to smile!"

I was smiling at that moment, and I realized in retrospect that while she had been clowning around, she had been looking at me rather intently.

What had she seen? My lips pursed and unsmiling, intent on my task, or even a bit of a scowl since she was dragging things out and it was time for me to be fixing dinner?

Thank goodness she is persistent! She made my evening.

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  1. Sam is finally starting to word at a time...but some of the words he comes up with surprise me and make me smile! Love this age!