Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Views from The White House

Every day I look out the windows of this house and take pause...there is always something to appreciate. I love the view out every window. And I love the fact that my kids will grow up with cattle grazing right outside the fence line, and think that's normal. Of course, they don't just graze. They play, they poop, and mate. Which makes for pretty in-ter-est-ing dinner conversation. One morning not too long ago (but before I lost my camera), I noticed this little guy, settled down for a nap right by the fence. He was less than a week old.

He napped so hard and so long that when he woke up, mama was clear on the other side of the house, nowhere to be seen. They called each other and circled around in the same direction, keeping each other just out of sight. Finally they figured it out. I watched the whole three-minute drama, and the happy reunion. And to think...some people just get to see this stuff on TV.

Inspired, I also took a picture out one of my favorite windows. Although I realize this picture is less than compelling, you'll have to just take my's great in real life! In addition to housing my scraggly basil plants, this window looks out over the ridges up into the high Sierra. They are now full of snow. The sun rises over these ridges, to the left in the summer and to the far right these days. That sight never ceases to bring me joy.

Are there really people who DON'T love mornings?


  1. Mornings are good--it's like watching the earth being born every day. Sunsets are good too. No two are alike around here. When I leave, the sunsets will be the thing I miss the most, followed by the sound of crashing waves.