Friday, November 26, 2010

Talking Turkey

Well, everyone has to talk about their turkey, and I have to talk about more than one. First, the one we cooked and ate. It's here, all cut up into bits and ready for the eatin'!

I must publicly confess that at 44 years old, this was the FIRST time I've ever been lead chef on the turkey. I've hosted, co-hosted, and mostly visited others and drank their wine as they prepared the turkey (yes, many of you have witnessed this personally), but this was really my debut at the big dance. And it went just fine. My convection oven did a wonderful job making a beautiful brown bird. It cooked faster than I even anticipated, so that added a little excitement. As you can see, just a small group of hardy souls attended.

Now for the other turkey story...

I have lost my camera. This is seriously impairing my blogging, and general functionality. Actually, could it be that I"m more functional, because I'm less distracted by my camera? No...because I'm distracted by wishing and cursing because I don't have my camera. I finally just figured out how to download pictures from my cell phone via a USB cord. This is an extremely SLOW and tedious process because I have to re-save each picture individually on my memory card, then download it to my computer. Only to find that it was out of focus.

So until I remedy this little problem, the photographic element of this blog will be pretty limited.

I'll close with an exciting preview of our recent trip to Georgia.

Ahem, um, no...we didn't take the kids!

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  1. ...ahh I see...the other turkey story is the about the guy on the right in the last picture! Gobble! Gobble! At least he's not a big enough turkey to have a cell phone out or the tv on during the meal!