Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Severed Finger Factory

Last week at school was a continual ramp up to the big event--Friday's Halloween festivities. Costumes were modeled in the annual Costume Parade, and parties were held at the end of the school day. Between the two, they tried to sneak in some learning, but it was a tough crowd.

I'm a room mother for Abigail's classroom (Mae's class has a couple of great room mothers already), so I had to make sure there was a worthy celebration. Which is why I made some severed fingers. Yeah...I looked it up on the internet. Mine didn't turn out exactly like the picture, but enough to get the (gross) idea.

I made a whole bloody tray of 'em!

This year, Abigail wanted to be a cupcake, and Mae wanted to be a colorful rainbow unicorn. Some of you may recall that two years ago, Abigail was a Hershey's Kiss, and Mae was a colorful rainbow pony. So you see, we have a fairly consistent theme going...Abigail is some type of food, which people generally recognize, and Mae is a fantasy creature of her own design, which is a little more difficult. This year was much better, however, since the unicorn horn was a big clue. The horn itself was quite the project. I told Mae to decorate it with some glitter glue, and she created this very intricate design, which was actually quite pretty. The down side was that the last bit was done the MORNING OF THE PARADE, so here is Mark with the blow dryer, trying to firm up the glue.

Here is the final product, along with Crazy Aunt Gail.

The Costume Parade consists of each child walking across the stage, pausing for a photo op under the Halloween arch. So cute!

Here's my fanciful little unicorn...

And my sweet little cupcake. Aunt Gail was there to menace the children with her club if they lingered too long :-). Might she scare a kindergartener or two???

Abigail's costume was not quite as robust as I'd hoped...Mark's "Bud Light" suspenders can be clearly seen here. We did cover up the words with tape, but still...we had work to do before taking it to the streets. I'll show that on my next post!


  1. Oh bloody hell...those girls are too cute!!! And I loved the severed fingers--what a cool idea.

  2. The severed fingers are a great idea...I'll have to remember that one! Great costumes girls!