Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Georgia on my Mind

Just before Thanksgiving break, Mark and I launched off on an adventure, heading out to Georgia to attend a retirement ceremony for my mentor and friend, Maj Gen Polly Peyer. She officiated at my retirement, and it was important to us to be there to honor her at hers. AND, it was the kick in the pants that Mark and I needed to finally get away on our own, without kids, for only the second time since they've been BORN! Yes! So you can see--it was an important trip in many ways.

We flew into Atlanta, which we intended to explore at the tail end of our trip. I have to say...we still travel like a pair of geeks. Noses in books, with occasional breaks to investigate interesting propulsion mechanisms.

On our way to Warner-Robins AFB, we stopped in Macon, the home in Georgia that Otis Redding apparently left in favor of the dock on the bay. Our intent was to wander around and grab some local food. We took a long walk through the downtown area, enjoying the older homes, although there were quite a few empty. We stopped to enjoy a Nu Way hot dog, a tasty but disturbingly red meat product.

The slaw dog was our favorite:

At Warner-Robins, we attended a 60's & 70's party, which I CANNOT BELIEVE I DIDN'T CAPTURE IN EVEN ONE PICTURE. Argh!!!! ANYway...here we are with Gen Peyer:

OK, next time, the exciting conclusion!

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  1. I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL...We have had one trip alone since Sam was born! I remember General Peyer....CONGRATULATIONS!!! I think you should get Mark one of the scooters he was looking at!