Thursday, October 28, 2010

The White House Home Theater

Last Sunday, we invited my folks up for Sunday breakfast. The girls made preparations for their arrival:

Isn't this a welcoming scene?

We had a big ol' bacon & eggs extravaganza, but that was not all. Something else captivated the crowd.

Lookit! A new home Thee-A-Tor! We even had the surround sound hooked up.

We watched "Blue Planet" all day, since we don't have TV.

Finally, having seen enough tidepools, whales, and jellyfish, Mom and Dad headed home, escorted by their animal entourage.

'Bye, folks...See ya next Sunday!


  1. VERY COOL! Sound like a lovely time!

  2. Sweet!! Looks very nice. And Blue Planet is awesome.

  3. house looks great mark and connie... can't wait to see it myself. tell the girls i say hi. =] -zach