Thursday, October 21, 2010

Open Wrap Party

OK, I've been scolded, chided, shamed, and harangued about not posting. And that's just by Mark! So here's ONE update, and then you'll understand why I haven't been blogging.

Mark and I decided to have an Open House, to invite all those folks who seemed interested in our project to come see the (semi)final result. We also invited some of the subs and suppliers. Our friend Judy informed me that this is called a Wrap Party, so maybe we'll call the combination an Open Wrap Party. Or a Wrap Warming. Or maybe just a party.

We prettied up the front door:

Installed the frog knocker (Thank you, Clan Brennan!) and the programmable doorbell (Thank you DFEM!)

Made a place for our guests to hang their coats (that's my sister-in-law Tracey's handiwork on the cross-stitch).

We got some "art" to cover up the wires over the fireplace.

Hey...have I shown you the nearly completed fireplace? Is it not GORGEOUS??!!

Of course, not EVERYTHING got done...

But enough to make mama (i.e. ME) happy.

I even found some cleaner, called Ring Away, caustic enough to transform our rust-stained toilets and showers into sparkling white! I'll spare you the photo. Of course, it also cauterized my nasal passages, but that's a good thing...isn't it?

I made up some posters about the home construction (next post), and placed them through the main living area. Over 40 guests showed up to eat, drink, and warm the house. Very fun!


  1. SOUNDS LIKE FUN! I think your house will be the new party house...did you have a game of butt darts too!?

  2. Oh how fun. The house looks beautiful, even if there are a few little things to finish. I love the fireplace, that turned out very nice. And, not one hat hanging on the ball at the bottom of the stairs. I wish I could have been there but hopefully I will make your way next summer.