Thursday, October 28, 2010

The White House Home Theater

Last Sunday, we invited my folks up for Sunday breakfast. The girls made preparations for their arrival:

Isn't this a welcoming scene?

We had a big ol' bacon & eggs extravaganza, but that was not all. Something else captivated the crowd.

Lookit! A new home Thee-A-Tor! We even had the surround sound hooked up.

We watched "Blue Planet" all day, since we don't have TV.

Finally, having seen enough tidepools, whales, and jellyfish, Mom and Dad headed home, escorted by their animal entourage.

'Bye, folks...See ya next Sunday!

Monday, October 25, 2010

The Pitch

One of the things I wanted to do for the Open House was put together some "story boards" to provide details that people could browse through at their leisure. I built a powerpoint presentation to make slides, and mounted them on posterboard. I also received a lot of teasing about making people sit through a timeshare-like sales pitch before they could get a snack. OK, it was kind of funny! But I was pretty happy with the result...

Here's one of my artful arrangements:

You may even recognize some of the pictures!

Now you can browse through just like at the open house. Quick...go get a glass of wine!

Now...are you ready for a quiz?

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Open Wrap Party

OK, I've been scolded, chided, shamed, and harangued about not posting. And that's just by Mark! So here's ONE update, and then you'll understand why I haven't been blogging.

Mark and I decided to have an Open House, to invite all those folks who seemed interested in our project to come see the (semi)final result. We also invited some of the subs and suppliers. Our friend Judy informed me that this is called a Wrap Party, so maybe we'll call the combination an Open Wrap Party. Or a Wrap Warming. Or maybe just a party.

We prettied up the front door:

Installed the frog knocker (Thank you, Clan Brennan!) and the programmable doorbell (Thank you DFEM!)

Made a place for our guests to hang their coats (that's my sister-in-law Tracey's handiwork on the cross-stitch).

We got some "art" to cover up the wires over the fireplace.

Hey...have I shown you the nearly completed fireplace? Is it not GORGEOUS??!!

Of course, not EVERYTHING got done...

But enough to make mama (i.e. ME) happy.

I even found some cleaner, called Ring Away, caustic enough to transform our rust-stained toilets and showers into sparkling white! I'll spare you the photo. Of course, it also cauterized my nasal passages, but that's a good thing...isn't it?

I made up some posters about the home construction (next post), and placed them through the main living area. Over 40 guests showed up to eat, drink, and warm the house. Very fun!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Human Habitrail

Mark's up to another one of his projects. Look at the precision of that duct tape!

Just about done...

What a masterpiece!

The kids love it, of course!

Even Grandma takes a tour! Notice the decorations on the wall?

Yeah, they're just one step away from the Sistine Chapel in MY eyes!