Thursday, September 2, 2010


sta·sis [ stáy-siss, stá-ssiss ]; noun


1. motionless state: a state in which there is neither motion nor development, often resulting from opposing forces balancing each other

2. medicine stoppage of flow of body fluids: a condition in which body fluids such as blood or the contents of the bowel are prevented from flowing normally through their channels

3. biology state of no change: a state in which there is little or no apparent change in a species of organism over a long period of time. It is most evident in so-called living fossils such as the coelacanth, which have remained unchanged for many millions of years.

Mid 18th century. Via modern Latin< Greek, "standing, stoppage"]

Encarta® World English Dictionary [North American Edition] © & (P)2009 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Developed for Microsoft by Bloomsbury Publishing Plc.

Thank you, Encarta.

I'm not sure if it's because my blood is pooling, my bowels have stopped moving, or I'm simply caught in the midst of unseen opposing forces, but I am in a motionless state.

For so long now, things have been moving along, lickety split. We moved in, we unpacked lots that day. We slept in our beds. We unpacked more and more and more. And then, it seems, everything has stopped. Perhaps 15% still lingers out in the open. Mocking me. Taunting me. Annoying me. Bruising my delicate psyche.

And now it is growing.

Because life continues to go on, and we have papers and clothing and artwork, and when I can't find the proper place to put something, I'll just put it in this existing pile, since I already have to deal with that.

It ain't healthy.

Here...take a look.

These are the documents accumulated over a year and a half that we need to file in our "regular" files.

These are products of the girls' entire kindergarten year.

Some bedroom essentials:

Stuff for the "I love me" wall, which we forgot to include in our planning. NO I love me wall???? What???!!! Maybe the bathroom, where I can reflect on all my achievements?

Just so you don't think it's ALL me...

And these are empty boxes that Mark is saving for a fort for the girls.

And once we resolve these...we still have THESE lingering issues.

Do we have to actually get all this done before we throw a party? Or maybe we should just have a bonfire?


  1. LOL! I'm in exactly the same state here...stasis! Now I'll feel much better about it since you have given it a fancy name. We moved in August 13th so I'm a month or so behind you. The other day I bought a paper shredder so I've been "dealing with" my stacks of papers. Ha ha! But I have other stacks of stuff, too. Just taking a break before gathering some more oomph to go at it all again.


  3. I was beginning to think you had fallen into an empty box and couldn't find your way out. As for the girls stuff, start a tub for each of them. Clear plastic filing boxes from the office store (yes, I know that means a trip to "town") and put all of their school stuff in there. Label each with their name. Kindergarten is a big deal, and you will begin to collect less and less as the years go by. Then, when they grow up and move on, they can take their tub with them to share with their kids. And please, don't let things turn into that building on the property you once described to me!! ;)