Sunday, September 12, 2010

Labor Day Getaway: Part 3

Just a few more pics to wrap up the tale of high Sierra trip. In between horseshoe games and trips to the camp store, we did get out and about.

We walked the shore line, and had to ford a muddy creek bed. Not to be deterred, my sister Gail and Mae trekked down INTO the mud, which Gail then decided would make excellent war paint.

Although Gail is a master of persuasion, she could not talk Mae into donning mud make-up. But doesn't she make it look fun?

Mark and I, along with the girls, also went on a guided nature walk. We learned how to identify different trees, shrubs, and flowers in the high country. Even the girls can now identify a "gentle Jeffrey" pine!

However, you can only take so much nature talk when you're six. Every few minutes, they'd creep off to play. Fortunately, not too many snakes live at that altitude!

We did see signs of other wildlife, though.

In fact, on the last night, something came into our campsite and knocked over a cooler (which we SHOULD have had in the car, but it only had drinks and pickles, so...we thought it would be stealthy). Apparently, either bears like pickles, or they recognize coolers as the crunchy outer shell of more tasty things. I think it is the latter, since the pickles were left behind relatively intact. So was the Coors Light and Diet Shasta.

I'll bet that was one disappointed bear!

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  1. Aunt MaryKay could teach them how to attract snakes....I hear you make this sound..."pisquaaaaaa."