Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Separate but equal

Last Wednesday the girls started first grade. This year, they are in separate classrooms. I think they are ready, and I think they will flourish. The two first grade teachers are both exceptional by all accounts, so this is a good time for the girls to venture out on their own. There were some reservations expressed by both girls in the past few weeks, but not much discussion on THE BIG DAY.

Here they are now...

Abigail chose a dress that was a size 4, just shy of being too small, but she could still squeeze into it, and it was so darned cute I couldn't say no. Mae chose to wear the same dress she wore on the first day of kindergarten...a pinstiped number that says "I mean business". Both the girls have done a lot of growing, but it seems they are getting taller without getting wider, so many of their dresses last longer...they just get shorter!

We stretched out last year's backpacks, which were an unfortunate light pink color. They were still fully functional, but predictably dingy. I let the girls spruce them up with some colored sharpies. No one will grab THESE by mistake!

Proud Papa walking his girls to school:

We met the principal and Aunt Gail in front of the cafeteria.

The kids line up before marching off to the classrroms:

Here goes Abigail, tiptoeing off to class!

And Mae, in a fairly somber mood:

She told me that afternoon that she was about to cry there. I'm so glad I didn't see that...I would have been right there with her! Goodbye, babies...

It wasn't until Mark and I were driving out of the parking lot that I suddenly felt like a big piece of me was missing.

And I did cry.



  2. Oh my, they are getting so big. I have patiently waiting for a week for this post and pictures. Love the backpack idea too. Thank you so much for the update.