Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Boogie Board Time Machine

This past weekend was the last hurrah before the start of school tomorrow. We really wanted to get the kids to the coast at least once this year, so this was our window. We headed down to the Central Coast, stayed with friends, and had an absolute blast.

On Saturday, we headed up to Avila Beach, which tends to be relatively sunny and warm, compared to Pismo and the surrounding beaches. The forecast high was 73 degrees, and the ocean temp 57. I had NO intention of going into the water.

The beach trip was slightly hampered by the fact that we had left a significant portion of our clothing sitting near the door in Tollhouse. It was disguised in a Hefty bag, so Mark did not recognize it as "luggage". After 19 years of traveling with me, you'd think he'd be a little more attuned! Anyway, I had no bathing suit, so I had to borrow from my friend, who only had bikinis. Now, I have not worn a bikini since I had the twins...for good reason. I consider my stomach as a well-earned badge of honor (and some handy extra skin, if anyone needs some). But I wore a shirt over it, and it was just fine.

The kids (our two and their two) had a great time running in the surf, making sand castles, and burying each other. They also had a couple of boogie boards, and the older kids did a little surfing on those in the bigger waves. Then my friend Amy went out into the water. Well, I couldn't just sit there, could I? So I shed my shirt and hurriedly staggered in too. We waded out into the waves, which were fairly small, and dove under a few. Then, suddenly...a beautiful wave approached. A memory of body surfing as a child tugged at my brain. It was a great wave, and it was coming for me! Before I could over-think it, I started paddling, and I caught that wave! It was AWESOME! Next thing I know, I catch a few more, Amy and I run up to our towels, snag the Boogie Boards, and we were out there for close to an hour. In our bikinis. I forgot all about my matronly concerns, and I had an absolute ball (and got a heck of a sunburn)! Thankfully, no pictures to share.

We also explored tide pools, watched the sea lions play just off shore, checked out an art show, hit a winery to sample their wares, and just played. What a wonderful end to summer!


  1. You had a well-deserved break! Sounds like a GREAT time and exactly the way I like to enjoy a day at the beach as well. Never too old to be a kid again! :)

  2. Awesome! Sure as hell beats PA summer... hot and sticky. Super glad you guys are living the life now :)