Thursday, August 5, 2010

Birthdayfest Round Two

It has been less than two weeks since we've moved into the house, and yet we've still been down to the lake for four of those days. This explains all the lingering boxes! But as we all know, birthdays wait for no man...or woman. We took Katherine and Shawn (our guests during moving day) down to the lake, and we also took friends Jeffrey and Joyce, our Albuquerque buddies. But the big pull to the lake at this time of year, other than the hot weather and the water fun, is that my sisters both have their birthdays this time of year, and this is how they wish to celebrate.
So if you want to eat the birthday cake,
you must go down to Pine Flat Lake!

Early in the morning, Gail, Karen and I all go out for our "sister ski".

Here I am hamming it up:

The step after that, which I actually attempted, is to hold the handle with my foot. But apparently I don't bend that way anymore!

And I don't bend at all for a couple of days after this...

But totally worth it, yes?

We also commune with nature, swimming at night unencumbered by the external trappings of society, and observing local wildlife. Check out this bald eagle! A pair were hanging around on our end of the lake. We didn't see a nest, though.

After my three strenuous minutes of skiing, I drive the kids around on the raft, bouncing them senseless. Here's the raft with the houseboat in the background.

Look at the smiles on those faces:

The joy is contagious:

Hope you caught some too!

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  1. This looks like lots of fun and brings back memories. I could never get up on one ski when I was young but I sure loved to fly on top of the water. Maybe next year I'll come celebrate my birthday at your place!!!